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APNIC Election

APNIC "Asia Pacific Network Information Centre", is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for the Asia Pacific region, making sure to provide Internet number resources (IPv4, IPv6, and ASNs) to its members. APNIC is a membership-based organization that provides Internet addressing services to the Asia Pacific region.

Current Problems

However, one might start noticing that APNIC has been deviating from its original proper course in serving the members of the Asia Pacific Region over the years to the extent that one might have the impression that APNIC is being abused by a certain group of individuals with vested interests.

The reason is that APNIC seems to fall under one man’s control, Paul Wilson. It is managed by only ONE director sitting on the board, made answerable to only ONE shareholder with only ONE share allotted and paid up, assisted by ONE secretary and that ONE person is none other than Paul Byron Wilson the man himself. While the observations we gather are far from casting aspersions as to the impartiality and legitimacy of a one-man show company being entrusted with a such huge responsibility in championing the interests of all users within the Asia Pacific Internet Region, one can’t help but question why would such an organization which self-proclaims to be a non-profit one, decides to be solely run by a single man, clearly with a vested interest, with no proper check and balance in place. 

That is why Number Resource Society is hoping to steer things back on track and assert new changes and structural reforms into the system by endorsing fresh faces and injecting new blood into the organization with the end goal in mind to regain control of APNIC for its rightful stakeholder-it’s members and make it great and whole again; to make it a reliable and trusted organization that member could trust and rely upon.


Your candidates have pledged to:

  • Reduce membership fees by 30 percent.

  • Reaffirm community lead sprit with one world, one internet.

  • Be a strong voice for businesses.

  • Restructure APNIC operation.

  • Ensure the executive team of APNIC are held accountable to members.

  • Ensure A free market, where businesses are free to run unhindered.

  • Re-incorporating APNIC with relocation to Singapore, and make APNIC carbon neutral by 2030. ​

NRS Endorsed Candidates

"NRS and its members have the same objective and it supports and encourages all of its members to act towards the unlimited, free and accessible internet for all. Nonetheless NRS is also an independent non-profit organisation that acts independently. Whatsoever it decides, condones, acts and behaves towards a certain decision and/or actions are unrelated to its members as well as the candidates"


The Global Enterpreneur creating a better internet for all.


A champion of the Asia Business Community


An experienced multinational executive who champions a community, bottm-up approach


A skilled multicultural NGO Leader