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NRS - Campaigning for stronger RIR's


Number Resource Society members' work with and support the work of all RIRs. NRS members are endorsing candidates for APNIC 2024 who share our priorities:

  • A strong champion for community - led bottom-up governance.

  • Ensure the executive team of APNIC is held accountable to members.

  • Ensure that APNIC membership funds are well spent and managed.  

  • Support APNIC to become carbon neutral by 2030.

  • Champion a free market, where businesses are free to run unhindered.


For the 2024 APNIC EC elections NRS are endorsing:

Kam Sze Yeung

Thomas Dragono




Our priorities:

A strong champion for community - led bottom-up governance.

RIRs are nothing without us, the community. We support candidates who champions for us all. It is essential that we have voices on the EC who represent the entire community. NRS believes that APNIC like any RIR should operate as an organization that works through a bottom-up system of accountability, where its grassroots members are involved in the discussion and the decision-making process.

Ensure the executive team of APNIC is held accountable to members.

As Asia-Pacific's RIR APNIC have significant responsibilities. It is essential that our representatives hold the secretariat to account with tough but fair questioning.  We want to see regular updates from our EC members showing how they have held the Director and other senior officials accountable for their decisions.

Ensure that APNIC membership funds are well spent and managed.

RIR's should be appropriately funded to ensure that they can function professionally. EC members must be the voice of members - who pay to keep our RIR system functioning.  But it is essential that all members better understand how and why their money is spent. Our EC members must scrutinize every dollar spent and ensure that the executives can justify their expenditure.   

Support APNIC to become carbon neutral by 2030.

As members of the global community, RIR's should do more to show their commitment to the global environment.  The internet will play a huge role in reducing global carbon emissions and it is essential that all RIR are seen to commit to becoming carbon neutral by 2030.  APNIC has to be at the front on this - particularly because of the size and scale of the operation and NRS members want to see EC members push the secretariat to publish their plan for becoming carbon neutral.  

Champion a free market, where businesses are free to run unhindered.

A free market is vital for businesses run efficiently and unhindered. If governments run or get control of RIRs they will most certainly encroach on the free market as government strive to control with rules and regulations that stifle investment, innovations and increase barriers to entry. APNIC and all RIRs should not be controlled by any government as it will inevitably lead to barriers to entry and less competition. We support candidates who want to ensure that at the heart of APNIC is the principle of a free market and who are committed to stopping anti-competitive policies.

Our vision

Number Resource Society continues to campaign to restore community-led bottom-up governance, to take back control of APNIC to ensure the community voice is heard clearly and not side-lined.

It is essential that all APNIC members exercise their right to vote to have your voice heard. As the campaign progresses, NRS will monitor the pledges and priorities of all candidates and will make further recommendations as voting open.

NRS Endorsed Candidates  


For the 2024 election campaign, NRS members are endorsing candidates they believe best serve the membership as a whole.  NRS candidates believe these candidates are the best chance to shape a better future for APNIC:

Kam Sze Yeung



A Seasoned Expert in Computer Science & Technical Networking


Mr. Kams Sze Yeung is a Principal Network Architect with Akamai Technologies, a leading enterprise specializing in cloud computing, security and content delivery services headquartered in the United States with over 10,000 employees.


He obtained his Bachelor of Science from Hong Kong University of Science and Technology and completed his Master of Computer Science from the Chinese University of Hong Kong in 2001. He devoted his career to Internet-related services.


In addition to being a highly skilled Network Architect, Mr. Kams served as a successful IP, System, and Network Engineer for over 12 years with many other businesses in Hong Kong, including the renowned multinational company Equinix, Pacnet, and Asia Netcom. He also successfully managed and supervised a team of network engineers for network design and infrastructure deployment.


Throughout the past 20+ years, he has been participating and contributing to the technical and peering community in the Asia Pacific region, comprising APRICOT, APNIC, APF, KPF, Peering Asia, APrIGF, ISOC HK, ICANN, IETF, HKNOG, SGNOG, MyNOG, TWNOG, etc.


Thanks to his extensive experience in the field, he has been thoroughly involved with APNIC as an Executive Council member. Mr. Kams aims to to contribute to the development of APNIC, and generally, the overall evolution of the Internet, by accomplishing a fair and transparent enhanced system where the community members are safe, included, and valued.




Thomas Dragono

A Multi-Talented Vice Chair in Telecommunication Network & Software Development


Mr. Thomas Dragono currently occupies multiple esteemed Board and Senior Management roles, as a Board Advisor and Vice Chair with prestigious organizations operating in the sector of Telecommunication Networking and Information Technology. Namely, Kamar Entrepreneur Indonesia, DECIX Indonesia, and Asosiasi Penyedia Jaringan Telekomunikasi Indonesia.


He achieved a Bachelor of Science in Electrical Engineering & Software Development from the University of California in San Diego, and a Master of International Business, Trade, and Law from Universitas Kristen Indonesia in 2023. He also completed a Diploma of Computer Science from Diablo Valley College, with high focus and interest in the Internet field.


Mr. Thomas co-founded and managed FiberStar for over 7 years and acted as the Vice Chair at FTTH Council Asia Pacific for 5 years. He also undertook the position of Chair of Cross-Institutional Partnership Committee with APJATEL, which operates as a Telecommunication Network Provider Association. He is passionate about technology adoption and strives to utilize it along with other new digital-related initiatives, aiming for a greater Internet future.


By virtue of his miscellaneous background and expertise in related fields of the internet, he has been actively participating in Internet governance events and discussions.




1. What is Number Resource Society and who are the independent candidates NRS are endorsing? 

NRS is campaigning on restoring the community led bottom-up governance to ensure that the voices of the community and business’ such as yours are heard clearly. We believe that businesses like yours need a strong voice.

2. How can I vote in the APNIC Election?

To vote in the APNIC EC election, you can use the independent online voting service provider, BigPulse. The voting process is conducted entirely online and paper forms are no longer available. To vote, you must be a Member Corporate Contact, Contact with voting rights, or a duly-appointed proxy. Please follow these steps to vote: ● Log in to MyAPNIC using two-factor authentication and click the "Vote Now" link on the dashboard. ● Use the online ballot form to select the candidates of your choice and hit the "Next" button to complete your selection. ● On the confirmation page, hit the "Submit" button to confirm your ballot submission, or "Back" to make any changes. Please note that online voting is only open during specific dates, which can be found on the relevant conference page.

3. Who can vote in the APNIC Election?

All APNIC Member Corporate Contacts, Contacts with voting rights and duly-appointed proxies, are allowed to vote in the APNIC EC election.

4. How do I know if I am a Corporate Contact or Contact with voting rights?

To check your contact type and rights in MyAPNIC, log in to your account and go to: Resource Manager Admin Contact Details Keep in mind that only Corporate Contacts can check the voting permissions of other contacts.

5. How many votes am I entitled to?

The number of votes each APNIC Member is entitled to is based on their membership tier: ● Associate: 1 vote ● Very Small: 2 votes ● Small: 4 votes ● Medium: 8 votes ● Large: 16 votes ● Very Large: 32 votes ● Extra Large: 64 votes The BigPulse system will automatically display the number of votes you are entitled to. The new system does not allow for the "splitting" of voting entitlements, so please be aware of that. Each Member must submit a single online ballot with all of their votes in a single submission, while proxies must submit a separate ballot for each Member they represent.

6. When can I vote?

All voting by APNIC Members begins atleast ten days prior to the Annual General Meeting (AGM) and ends before the afternoon session of the AGM begins. An email announcing the start of voting will be sent to all APNIC Members. However, proxy voters cast their votes on the morning of the AGM. Key dates and all necessary information will be provided on the relevant conference website.

7. I want to appoint a Proxy, how do I do that?

What if you don't want to vote and you would like to appoint a proxy? You can do this, but only if you are the corporate contact oa a member organization. As the Corporate contact, you can appoint a proxy to vote on their behalf at the election by using your MyAPNIC portal. To do this, the Corporate Contact can submit the proxy appointement form through MyAPNIC. Once the form is submitted, both the appointed proxy and the Corporate Contact will receive a confirmation email.

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