A word from NRS Chairman

Mr. Oloyede Abdulkarim - NRS Chairman

Mr. Oloyede Abdulkarim

I strongly believe in Free Internet Access. It should not to be viewed as a luxury, rather a moral human right, where all should  have an open, unsupervised, and uncensored public access to this global medium, at no cost. Without this access, many individuals are denied a meaningful vehicle to influence and hold policymakers and supranational institutions fully accountable. We put in place key components that ensure effective network activity and select the appropriate norms and security to gain information about the network. Digital resource government agencies have the power to remove the designated number of resources at any given time, and this can adversely affect a business. This practice, no matter how commercially relevant IP addresses are worldwide, is achieved with little or no compensation. We must ensure that Ips' asset value is maintained and adequately secured.

I strive to educate and support our members who value and care about the Internet's integrity and stability by providing high-quality products, delivering excellent services, and respecting their privacy rights and interests. Let’s cherish the values of diversity, inclusion, and openness. Therefore, I urge every authory and community member to join and participate in our Numbers Resource Society.



  • A society that promotes fair, transparent and easy internetaccess for everyone.

Core Values


  • NRS welcomes and believes in diversity, inclusiveness, and openness. We welcome different contributors and members to take part in our Numbers Resource Society.



  • To empower and protect our members who have an interest in preserving the integrity and stability of the internet with quality member services and ensure their interests are safe and secure as well as their rights protected.



  • The Number Resource Society (NRS) is the vanguard for registering the IP address of members of the Number Resource Government Body and everyone who has a shared interest in preserving the...



  • Consolidation the Freedom to run networks.

  • Protecting Network Infrastructure and Customer Data.

  • Protecting the Asset Value of IP Registration.

Terms and Conditions


  • Please take the time to read and understand these Membership Terms and Conditions (Membership Terms). These Membership Terms set out the membership...