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AFRINIC Election

"NRS and its members have the same objective and it supports and encourages all of its members to act towards the unlimited, free and accessible internet for all. Nonetheless NRS is also an independent non-profit organisation that acts independently. Whatsoever it decides, condones, acts and behaves towards a certain decision and/or actions are unrelated to its members as well as the candidates"

NRS Endorsed Candidates for AFRINIC BOARD

Tarek Haddad

Tarek has experienced different work fields since he was 12 years old; selling, marketing, administration, event planning and coordinating, creative writing and volunteering in human development institutions across various countries; Egypt, Turkey, Qatar, and Malaysia as well as Hong Kong and Dubai. Tarek is a bilingual professional with strong interpersonal cross-cultural communication skills. Since his work in the digital marketing sector for quite some years, he has grown to understand the rule internet plays in connecting different people from all over the world regardless of their background.

Samuel Uzoechi

Samuel is a multi talented professional with 11 over years’ experience in key industrial sectors ranging from Banking Industry, IT and Telecom Companies and Non-Governmental IT Governance Organization where he managed several reputable Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Samuel is a true believer in the "internet is for everyone". and as an advocate for that, he will ensure that resource (IP) applications are not delayed and requests are attended to swiftly for the benefit of resource companies and the internet community at large.

Paul Norman

Paul Norman is an expertise in sales and Management of commercial teams with Strong management and leadership skills. Paul believes that the Internet continues to prove how indispensable this communication tool is; especially after passing the milestone of 2 billion users. His vision is to make the internet and its tools accessible to everyone, by offering training adapted to regional needs. Paul will use his great ability to listen, his team spirit, and his critical way of thinking to work with AFRINIC community into transforming AFRINIC to a better RIR.

Paul Wollner

Paul Wollner is a Chief Technical Officer with more than 20 years’ experience, responsible for building a local SME Internet Service Provider’s infrastructure to offer BroadBand ISP’s and maintaining the lead on the market in Internet Services, Campus Products and Broadband offerings for the past 14 years. Putting the community as his priority, Paul believes in diversity, inclusiveness and openness. He appreciates different contributors and members to take part in the policy making process. Paul makes a distinguished nominee, as he is willing to work with the members hand in hand, to create an inclusive atmosphere where all community members have full awareness of what's happening.

Angela  Kuria

Angela Kuria is a Charismatic and persuasive customer service professional with over 8 years experience providing top quality service, to drive cost efficiencies and position organization for growth. Angela has Exceptional ability to build productive relationships, resolve complex issues, as well as encouraging team collaboration to achieve excellent results in her field. Angela aspires to make a better world tomorrow for our today children by bringing inspiration and innovation in their everyday undertaking, she also wants to work on inspiring the world through technological advances in products and designs by use of networking amongst RIR members all over the world.

Erick  Mulama

Erick is a skilled professional in Account Management and B2B Sales. Being exposed across different channels and different levels of customer sophistication, Eric has gathered remarkable market intelligence and distinguished skills to come up with strategies that help explore opportunities for acquiring new businesses. As a young and energetic individual who has worked in the Telecom industry for more than six years, I wish to inspire more young people into number policy making and future internet governance. What better way than to start right from inside? However, what makes Erick a perfect match to AFRINIC board of directors is his huge passion for matters with Internet Governance.

Francis Nyaga

As an IT expert with over 8 years diverse experience in various fields, offering distinguished career in strategic planning, training and development ,global operations and leadership for organizations. Mr. Francis Nyaga believes that every person has the right to participate fully in the global internet, promising to bring his unique visioning ability to AFRINIC Board, Francis's expertise in various fields will help AFRINIC expand its regional outreach, as well as he will take a key role in help facilitating growth within the organization.

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