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An experienced multinational executive who champions a community, bottom-up approach


Melvin Cheng studied at the University of London and the University of Edinburgh, Napier, majoring in Law and Marketing Management. He is based in Vancouver, Canada, and works across the Asia Pacific.  

Melvin is a business developer for both multinational and IT companies, managing business planning, sales and marketing, and operations with an understanding of the IT industry.

Melvin is an advocate for the role that technology plays in our everyday lives as well as an advocate for diversity and unity for our community. He believes that all of us have equal rights and equal responsibilities regardless of our backgrounds.  

He believes in transforming and supporting organizations by working through a bottom-up system of accountability, where community members are involved in the discussion and decision-making process. At the heart of his values is that all stakeholders must participate equally, and no one is excluded.


Applying his leadership, management skills, and community advocacy, Melvin Cheng is running as a candidate in the next APNIC EC, with the purpose of serving the community and working with its members towards building a better bottom-up system. He will ensure that his vision of a free and accessible Internet for all, as well as educating the next generation about the role of Internet governance, will be at the heart of APNIC's governance.

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