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Vivian Paris

A skilled multicultural NGO leader


Born to Eurasian parents, Vivian has lived across the Asia Pacific region, including in Osaka, Seoul, Shanghai, and Hong Kong. Now, she is primarily based in Osaka. As a global citizen, Vivien is fluent in English, Cantonese, Mandarin, Japanese, and Korean.  She is a true believer in the art & beauty of Asia through culture, history, food, and people.


A graduate of the University of Hong Kong with a degree in English Studies, Vivian started her journey working in the internet governance industry in 2017. Vivian is currently the director of multiple NGOs specializing in internet governance and social welfare. She has participated in and attended numerous Internet meetings.

Vivian co-foundered LARUS Foundation, an NGO dedicated to Internet Governance for the youth, in 2018 where she has had the opportunity to organize a number of internet governance training events across Asia and Africa as well as partnering with universities to increase youth participation and awareness of Internet Governance. The leadership shown by Vivian as an NGO CEO has benefited thousands of young people through fellowship programs and sponsorship to attend Internet Governance meetings and workshops.

Since 2022, Vivian is a PTC Advisory Council Member. PTC offers digital solutions for real-world business- challenges, it creates technologies that help industrial companies across the value chain to achieve impressive results for themselves, their customers, and the world. In simpler words, PTC uses digital technologies to improve the physical world. Vivian plays a key-role in PTC, being their Advisory Council Member, she takes part in PTC's contribution to the world everyday, by giving them the power to create our world.


She strongly believes in the role and importance of NGO as an indispensable pillar of the Internet. Once elected to APNIC EC, her main focus will be on educating the public and the next generations more about internet governance. She will champion and be a voice for education and empowerment of young people to help spread awareness and knowledge and unite them through the great invention that is the internet.

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