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NRS’s mission of a better Internet

Updated: Jul 23, 2023

The NRS was never against AFRINIC or any other Internet organization. This is an unfounded accusation made by Noah and a group of people whose interests are best served when they can monopolize the Internet. We believe that they are currently in control of the current AFRINIC leadership system.

NRS’s mission of a better Internet

As an organization that stands for the best interests of our members and the Internet, we are naturally against the failed management and incessant corruption within AFRINIC. We want to restore and reinstate what AFRINIC should have been – an accountable and responsible registry of the Internet, nothing more and nothing less.

The NRS does not get involved in any member’s dispute with AFRINIC. While we always hope that legal disputes can be resolved peacefully, unlike certain shadow organizations, we will support any reasonable and just resolutions that can lead to a better Internet.

Implying and mixing the NRS up with any particular member is a gross misunderstanding of the organization’s structure. The NRS represents over 200 members within the African continent, in addition to hundreds of others globally. We understand that our existence (one that stands for truth and accountability) threatens the ability of corrupt individuals or shadow organizations to manipulate the RIRs. With this, we receive threats from time to time, but this never has and never will deter what the NRS stands for – a better Internet and a stable, cooperative environment for all members. This will always be our mission.

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