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APNIC threaten to withdraw support of APRICOT

Updated: Oct 25, 2023

It's with a huge disappointment that we have learned that APNIC is threatening to withdraw from the forthcoming APRICOT conference after one of our Number Resource Society (NRS) members has entered into a sponsorship arrangement with APRICOT. Asia Pacific Regional Internet Conference on Operational Technologies (APRICOT) is the largest international Internet technologies and operations conference in the Asia Pacific region. Supported by the The Internet Society, (APRICOT) has drawn many of the world's best Internet engineers, operators, researchers, service providers, users, and policy communities from over 50 countries to teach, present, and do their own human networking over the years. The 2023 version of (APRICOT) is to be held from 20 February to 2 March 2023 in Manila, Philippines; supposedly organized by the Asia Pacific Network Operators Group (APNOG) and APNIC (Asia Pacific Network Information Centre). The NRS's member mentioned above has received an email from the organizers of APRICOT - "Asia Pacific Internet Association Pty Ltd", confirming that they have been instructed by APNIC, that APNIC will withdraw their support of APRICOT If the member in question kept its sponsorship deal. This decision was completely taken by staff members of APNIC, it was a unilateral decision with no acknowledgment from EC members, which is mandatory for these kind of big decisions. As APNIC can't Withdraw from such an important community event without the approval of the EC. Moreover, APNIC has made many serious false claims that can cause serious damage to one of our members. It's also important to mention that, despite the member's many attempts to seek confirmation of the position from APNIC, the latest has not yet responded. We at NRS believe that "APRICOT" is a valuable event for the community. And we hate to see this event not happening because of APNIC's bullying approach. Therefore, we are glad that this member decided to step in and cover APNIC’s financial responsibilities to APRICOT. Such an event that brings prosperity to the Internet community in the region can't be canceled that easily. Number Resource society is aware that APNIC's representatives might try to create some non-existing dispute in the community in this election year, as an attempt to justify the use of code of conduct measures. However, such a method shows disrespect to the community. Number Resource Society encourage APNIC to withdraw their threats, apologize to Asia Pacific Internet Association Pty Ltd for misleading them. We also encourage APNIC’s Paul Wilson to apologize to the wider community for APNIC’s behavior; as we believe that sincere apologies will close the matter and brings more peace and stability to the community. We are contented to learn that APNIC are going to participate in

APRICOT and have withdrawn their threat to one of our members.

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Jan 29, 2023

Does that mean we as the community is in danger? I hope not....

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