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AFRINIC's Suspended CEO trying to seek ATU interference

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Dear Global community

I have very unfortunate news to share with you. The suspended CEO of AFRINIC, Eddy Kayihura - has written to African Telecommunication Union, an Inter-government body, and requested them to appoint the directors of AFRINIC.

This is a clear attempt to avoid the legitimate election by depriving AFRINIC members' right to select their own directors.

According to ATU's reply, they have proposed four directors. One of them is involved in fraud proceedings.

The RIR community has been running on the principle of the community-drive bottom-up process for years. This is the foundation of today's Internet. By adhering to this principle, the RIRs have successfully resisted external interference from governmental bodies such as ITU.

It is extremely regretful to see that a suspended CEO of one of the RIRs, is trying to ask a governmental body to interfere with RIR's independent procedure. This is putting the entire system at a tremendous risk that we have never had before.

The suspended CEO is continually trying to take further legal action in secret. He is spending members money on this. We were lucky to retrieve this letter, from the case Eddy filed against AFRINIC, in an attempt to appoint four directors suggested by ATU as elected directors, in which in that affidavit in the case, Eddy admitted that AFRINIC is lacking of quorum and can not defend its own case, so Eddy is trying to use this opportunities to bypass the very election that allows member to have their voice heard.

The suspended CEO is acting without authority and in secret and is out of control. The organization is failing.

Members have no oversight on what he is doing unilaterally. He is out of control and not acting in the interests of members.

We have attached the relevant letters in this email. You may read them yourselves.

This is unprecedentedly shocking and disappointing. It is a spectra that the RIRs may fall into the hands of governmental bodies - a scenario that none of us would like to see in the community.

Suspended CEO's letter (1)

Suspended CEO's letter (2)
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