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AFRINIC's CEO Eddy Kayihura's potential association with a terrorist sympathizer.

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Number Resource Society (NRS) is a global non-profit membership organization advocating for a global unlimited, stable, and united Internet. NRS recognizes the Internet as one universal resource that relies on a global free market and enterprise with excellent transparency and accountability.

Amin Dayekh is a Lebanese national, and the CEO of MegaMore Wireless Broadband Limited an ISP company located in Kano, the Northern part of Nigeria. As one of the Resource companies, we approached him as we have approached all other stakeholders of the Internet to promote the NRS ideology of transparency and accountability. But like they say, "looks can be deceptive". In the process of engaging him, we began to notice some questionable behavior including hate speech and apparent support for a terrorist organization. Due to the seriousness of what we uncovered, we advised the officer engaging to continue to cooperate with him to gather evidence of potential criminal activity.

Amin Dayekh initiated the request for money from one of NRS's employees, as well as soliciting support for him to become AFRINIC Director, as shown also in the screenshots shows, in which Amin has demanded, "When will you send the money?" "and his comment, "I am also interested to become a director in AFRINIC." This immediately raised serious red flags for us. We proceeded to investigate Amin thoroughly as part of our standard due diligent process for the sake of a safer Internet. What we have uncovered after this Is extremely shocking and alarming.

Text messages to the potential association with a terrorist sympathizer

During our investigation, we found that Amin's social media posts were of huge concern - his comments have indicated his potential fundraising for a prescribed terrorist organization (HIZBOALLAH). This raised concerns that his incessant demand for money and ambition for AFRINIC's directorship, controlling AFRINIC could have been motivated by his apparent support of HIZBOALLAH, the terrorist organization.

When we investigated further, we discovered Amin had published hate speech including the following comment:- "Our people should welcome Israelis with boiling oil and kitchen knives". This level of hatred and violent language targeted towards the Jewish people was highly distressing and we recognized it immediately, as potentially criminal.

It was when he noticed that we would not meet his demands for money and directorship to the board election of AFRINIC to he got angry and twisted the story.

In the spirit of openness, we republish several of Amin's public social media postings. Please note that these posts are distressing and are released only for transparency purposes.

We condemn in the strongest possible terms the comments and hatred.

Screenshots and Links from Amin's Twitter:


Screenshots and Links from Amin's Twitter (1)


The Basics of the Lebanese Resistance, from standing by the Palestinian revolution to most of the martyrs of the leftist parties, to AMAL and HIZBOALLAH, are greater than your barking #Shrbel_Nahas #Lebonan_is_rising



Screenshots and Links from Amin's Twitter (2)


#Shrbel_Nahas, our people welcomed Israelis with boiling oil and kitchen’s knives in the south of Lebanon, our people that you don’t like how they look and how they dress are the ones who brought back dignity to Lebanon in the battle of #Khelda and February 6th rising, to the point that the Israeli army shouted in the speakers "We are leaving tomorrow, please don’t shoot anymore."

Another tweet by Mr. Dayekh that includes extreme hatred speech, as Amin says here that Israelis were greeted with boiling oil and kitchen knives by Hizbollah fighters.



Screenshots and Links from Amin's Twitter (3)


#Syria is supposed to be a land of fight and war with the enemy, the army is supposed to be ready, the allies’ armies be ready as well. Why do we still see the Zionist (Israeli) airplanes flying every now and then?

Fiorella Isabel's Twitter Post on the Double Standards

His comments and actions are distressing and alarming enough that we have reported him to the relevant anti-terrorism departments in the United States.

His public comments were of great concern to us as an organization whose goal is to do the right thing by working with organizations and people of good and growth mindset, and we felt it was important to report him to the relevant departments in the United States of America. This is not a matter we take lightly, but in the interests of everyone involved and for the safety of his future victims, we are shedding light on his actions.

Immediately after the discovery, we ceased all communications with him.

We understand that Amin approached the current management of AFRINIC after he discovered that we could not satisfy his demand for money and directorship.

We are also of tremendous concern that the nomination committee, controlled by the current AFRINIC board, selected a potential terrorist funder or supporter as a candidate while disqualifying all the other good people on the continent. A simple exercise in due diligence by AFRINIC officials would have identified this serious issue and should have disqualified him.

It seems that Mr. Amin Dayekh still has close links with AFRINIC leadership which they need to be held to account. AFRINIC must immediately condemn this hate speech and support for terrorist organizations.

Mr. Amin Dayekh's close links with AFRINIC leadership

Hate speech: Terrorist sympathizer Mr. Amin Dayekh pictured with AFRINIC CEO Eddy Kayihura in Mauritius, June 2022

We are confident that this explanation of the nature and extent of our engagement with Mr. Amin clears the picture. We have thought long and hard about whether to make this information public and concluded that keeping the Internet and our community safe is our priority. We will never tolerate any potential criminal or harmful activities.

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