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Official Response to AFRINIC letter - to members

Updated: Aug 16, 2023

Dear resource members and stakeholders, it has come to our knowledge, that the suspended ex-CEO of AFRINIC "Eddy Kayihura" sent a letter to resource members on Monday 24 October 2022, two weeks before the ex- CEO of AFRINIC officially stepped down from his position.

The letter, which included false accusations for Number Resource Society "NRS", is full of false information and misleading words, as well as proving Eddy Kayihura's final desperate attempt to seize the last bit of his power.

However, his desperate attempts to throw false accusations at NRS, and stay in his position have come to failure. As in only two weeks after Mr. Kayihura's letter, he stepped down from his position as the CEO of AFRINIC, after being suspended officially by a supreme judge, for the reason of abusing his position's powers for personal benefits.

Eddy Kayihura stepping down from his position after being suspended is enough proof that all his accusations for Number Resource Society NRS don't contain any truth, it also shows how hard the ex-CEO of AFRINIC tried to hide his failures and corruption by accusing another innocent party.

Although, it's obvious now who was trying to make the internet a better place by holding RIR's leaders accountable for their actions, and who was the one doing unlawful and unethical actions; Number Resource Society (NRS) would like to clarify some points that came in the suspended ex-CEO of AFRINIC's final letter.

In his final misleading letter, Eddy Kayihura accused Number Resource Society of spreading false information about AFRINIC!

However, all his so-called accusations against NRS are based on his faulty imagination only. on the other hand, all the unlawful and unethical actions that Mr. Kayihura and his friends at the AFRINIC board at the time are all proved by facts and evidences that you can see on our blog or YouTube Channel. NRS never makes a claim with no solid ground and evidence.

The suspended ex-CEO has also mentioned in his letter, and we quote

"We would like to reassure the AFRINIC Resource Members and our Stakeholders that at this point, the stability of the Internet network is maintained".

Despite his reassuring words, the suspended CEO didn't miss one chance to threaten the stability of the internet for the sake of protecting his own position. Stressing on the word "Internet Stability" won't make us forget when the ex-CEO tried to destroy the whole RIR system, asking NRO to send a letter to the government to consider AFRINIC as a UN organization.

We would like to end this letter by reminding our dear members, that while the suspended ex-CEO of AFRINIC was calling NRS per his words

"Selfish individuals whose sole objective is to destroy what the internet pioneers of Africa have put up for the development of the African continent"; we at NRS were focusing on just doing our work and holding AFRINIC ex-CEO accountant for his actions, and telling you, the members, the truth.

As the old saying stands "When Actions speak, words' volume becomes very quiet ".

Eddy Kayihura stepping down from his position after being suspended by a court order, proves that NRS was only trying to show people the truth, a truth based on facts and evidences.

We take pride in doing our jobs of holding RIR's leaders accountable and we will keep working on building a better internet for all of us.

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