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Updated: Nov 8, 2023

An AFRINIC IP is essential for companies and organizations based in the continent of Africa that require secure and consistent access to the Internet. This post is a brief overview on how you can get your IPv6 IP Address from AFRINIC.

What is AFRINIC?

African Network Information Centre (AFRINIC) is the Regional Internet Registry (RIR) for Africa. It was formed in October 2004 and is headquartered in Mauritius.

RIRs like AFRINIC manage the allocation of Internet resources like autonomous system numbers and IP addresses. These resources are important because they allow devices to connect to the Internet. Without these resources, a device or website is effectively excluded from the Internet.

How AFRINIC Manages IP Addresses

RIRs like AFRINIC are allocated a bunch of IP addresses that they can manage and redistribute to companies and organizations within their region. Because these resources are finite, careful planning and management systems are implemented to ensure proper distribution.

What is an IPv6?

An Internet protocol (IP) address is the digital identity of any device that connects to the Internet. At present, most devices use IP version 4, commonly known as IPv4.

IPv4 is running out because of the number of devices connecting to the Internet. This problem is often referred to as IPv4 exhaustion.

To solve IPv4 exhaustion, organizations and device manufacturers are switching to IPv6. Unlike IPv4 that uses only numbers, IPv6 uses a combination of letters and numbers to identify a unique address. This means that IPv6 has a much larger pool of available addresses to accommodate the growing need for IP addresses.

How to Get a IPv6 from AFRINIC

You can request for an IPv6, whether you're already a member or not.

Here are the steps for non-members.

1. Go to to start your membership application. There are different membership fees depending on the type of organization. You can review the fees schedule here.

3. Once your membership is approved, you can submit your request through the members portal at

Overview of the IPv6 Application Process

If you are already an AFRINIC member, you can directly go to AFRINIC's member portal to request for an IPv6. Here's an outline on how you will go about getting your IPv6 from AFRINIC:


Review the eligibility criteria for IPv6 allocations outlined by AFRINIC. There are different requirements for local internet registries (LIRs) and provider-independent (PI) applicants. You can visit the IPv6 guide to determine the correct category for your organization.

Ensure that you meet the necessary requirements, such as demonstrating a valid need for IPv6 address space and how you intend to use such resource.


Prepare the required documentation, which typically includes legal and technical information about your organization. This may include your company registration documents, contact details, network diagrams, and an IPv6 deployment plan.


Submit your IPv6 address allocation request through AFRINIC's member portal.

Compliance Check

A representative from AFRINIC will check that you meet the eligibility criteria and have submitted the correct documents. The representative will also verify your organizations phone number, emails, and registration documents. This process typically takes two business days.

It's also in this stage that you'll be required out fill out the Registration Service Agreement (RSA).


A team will evaluate your request against applicable policies. Once the evaluation is completed, a member of AFRINIC's Host master team will contact you. The evaluation usually takes four business days.


Once your request is approved, you will receive an invoice of the fees that you need to settle. This invoice is payable within 45 days. If the fees are not paid within that period, your application will be deemed void and you will have to start the process over.

Compliance Check

Your payment and signed Registration Service Agreement (RSA) will be verified in this page.


Once your payment and RSA are verified, AFRINIC will provide the requested IP resources. You can verify your IP assets with AFRINIC's whois tool.

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