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Who We Are

Paul Wollner, President of Number Resource Society

Words from Paul Wollner
Our President.

Dear resource members, stakeholders, community members and staff, I am very honored and thrilled to be with you on this journey, the journey to put our hands together, to unite and be one to make the internet and the world equal, free, and accountable; in other words, it gives me a great pleasure to work with you everyday towards this Nobel goal of unity, equality and development.


Since the day NRS was established, recognizes Internet as one universal resource that relies on a global free market and enterprise with excellent transparency and accountability, aiming to empower and protect resource members who have an interest in preserving the integrity and stability of the internet, creating awareness, unity and possibilities.


I'd take on my shoulders as a person and a  professional to work with every member in Number Resource Society (NRS), towards building an Internet that doesn't know color, race, religion nor socio-economic class. NRS is to create an internet that believes in freedom and participation.


I myself, as well as NRS believe that our core strength grows from the community  with keywords such as diversity, inclusiveness and openness. We welcome and appreciate different contributors and members to take part in the policy making process.


I leave you all respected resource members with this one sentence that holds many meanings within,

" Let's work together, create a better internet that we would like the future generations to have".


core values

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