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Lu Heng

NRS Endorsed Candidate

The Global Entrepreneur creating a better internet for all


Nominee details




Lu Heng


Chief Executive Officer


LARUS Limited

Biographical info


  • Studied at University of Groningen For International Economics And Business

  • During my undergraduate program, I learned about banking, finance, fiscal and monetary policy issues, economic development and sustainability, economic theory and how business experts and policymakers stimulate both corporate and general economic activity.

  • The wealth of knowledge I amassed during my studies makes me perfectly poised to address complex issues that will be tackled by the EC Council using my analytical skills and extensive knowledge on the economic impact of a digitalised world. Understanding how policies are created, how decisions are made and the long-term effects are vital components for anyone running to be a member of the EC Council; and these are skills I have in abundance thanks to my educational background.

Relevant Board Experience

  • Board Member of LARUS Foundation

  • Member of PTC Advisory Council

  • Chairman of LARUS Limited

As a board member of the LARUS Foundation, the CEO of LARUS Limited and a member of the PTC Advisory Council, I have served on the forefront in creating business strategies, understanding the latest in cybersecurity, navigated regulatory frameworks while balancing the needs of consumers, businesses, carriers, and governments all over the world. Being able to create new ideas, push boundaries of what the world thought was previously impossible and work with people from all walks of life gives me a unique advantage.

These experiences put me in a position to effect changes and be a valuable member of the EC Council. I understand how to bring businesses, people and organisations together to achieve a common goal because where there is a will, there is a way.

Senior Management Experience:

Founder & CEO of LARUS Limited (a market leader for reliable IP solutions globally), that ensures everyone has reliable access to internet connection services regardless of race or economic class. Founder of LARUS Foundation; a non-profit organisation that promotes internet education to guarantee that the next generation has extensive knowledge of the Internet. Educated and sponsored over a thousand students in developing countries, helping them learn more about the Internet and attending international conferences.

Nominee statement

One years ago, I was nominated and this year I have been nominated again. I don’t take the nominations for the APNIC EC election lightly. I appreciate the trust that is bestowed on me when such nominations are given by esteemed colleagues. It's such an honour for me to be nominated for the APNIC EC election. My experiences and innovative ideas will no doubt help the community and the internet in the region.I attended the University of Groningen from 2008 to 2012 where I read, international economics and business. During my subsequent work and research Netherlands, I learned in-depth about internet practices such as Internet Service Providers (ISPs), infrastructure hosting, and cloud computing. This knowledge I gained proved to be invaluable and helped me establish an extensive network within the industry.As one of the leading voices for Internet Service Providers (ISPs), internet governance and cloud computing, I advocate for "One World, One Internet" via the company I founded in 2016, LARUS Limited. My primary focus is to ensure that internet connection services are accessible to everyone in a transparent way, where all members are treated equally regardless of race or economic class.LARUS Limited is also a market leader for reliable IP solutions globally, and we are still working hard to reach our goal of ensuring that everyone has access to the Internet.My passion for the past few years has been the LARUS foundation, a non-profit organization that I established in 2019. LARUS Foundation promotes internet education to ensure that the next generation has extensive knowledge of the Internet and how it works. I believe that the key to a better internet lies with future generations. The foundation’s mission is to educate the next generation on internet practices and governance, especially in developing countries where millions do not have access to a good and stable internet connection.Since its conception and until today, LARUS Foundation has educated and sponsored thousands of students in developing countries, helping them learn more about the Internet and attending international conferences.As a nominee for APNIC EC election I plan to be a positive force for effective change regarding Protecting the value of IP address registration for all members, promoting IPv6, and the stability of internet governance. Also, embracing the IPv4 market also requires nurturing of healthy competition within it. Being a member of PTC (Pacific Telecommunications Council Advisory Council), also brings valuable experience to the APNIC Executive Council.As a nominee I have put a plan together that will revolutionise our ecosystem and the way it is delivered.I pledge to you to work on the following platform:Reduce your membership fees by 30 percent by restructuring and cutting APNIC’s overheads and costs.To champion a positive working relationship with all governments across our region but firmly reject any governmental control of RIRs.Be the strong voice for your business, regardless of your size or location, by championing and building a free market, where businesses are free to run unhindered by cutting bureaucracy and interference.Make APNIC carbon neutral by 2030 by reducing travel and improving corporate efficiencies and investments.Ensure the executive team of APNIC are held accountable to members through regular and proactive updates with fair and transparent scrutiny.Host monthly open sessions with all members who can reach me, ask questions, and hold me to account, and I would ask all members of the EC to join me.I certainly believe that now is the time that we all come together and create a community stronger than ever. And its strength consists of its ambitious, determined, and like-minded individuals who are striving towards the same goal.I'm eager to be part of that community and work hand in hand with every individual in it and I promise to explore all avenues and resources available to me to accomplish the goals of APNIC EC.

Nominated by


Mohammad Jamal Hossain t/a Real Station Broadband

Reason for nomination

Given Mr. Lu’s presence in his LARUS Foundation as well as PTC (Pacific Telecommunications Council), he has been a great support to the industry. We believe he will continue to contribute with his knowledge and experience in the Internet as the EC of APNIC. We highly recommend Mr. Lu for this position.


Cypress Telecom Limited

Reason for nomination

Lu Heng is dedicated in Internet policy and governance. With his extensive knowledge in technology and the success in the business, he has been very supportive to the people and companies in need. In the role of APNIC EC, he will continue to offer his support and know-how for the APNIC members and the community.


Nayatel Pvt. Limited

Reason for nomination

Mr. Lu Heng has been actively involved in the development and support of the Internet and the community. Becoming the APNIC Executive Council, Mr. Lu will offer his contribution further in different areas. His knowledge and vision is much needed for the advancement of the Internet.


Evan Ahmed Bhuiyan t/a Apon It

Reason for nomination

We nominate Mr. Lu Heng for the APNIC EC. He and his colleagues have been a big help and support to the region and the community. His vision and commitment is much needed for the development of the Internet and the economy.


IX Telecom

Reason for nomination

IX Telecom believe in borderless connectivity and we believe Mr. Lu Heng has the vision to make this possible. We will be voting a new start in APNIC by voting for Lu Heng and we encourage the community to as well.

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