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Story of
Number Resource Society

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Back in the old days, IP Addresses were just identifying numbers and it used to be free. Later, Number Resource Government Bodies were established to distribute internet resources efficiently to different organizations worldwide.

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Until now, IPs are known as one of the most valuable and important internet resources. Since the exhaustion of IPs in all Number Resource Government Bodies, the demand skyrocketed and the resources became scarce. Hence, IPs as numbers cannot be owned by anyone. Therefore, the rights to use specific numbers for unique internet cooperation have fallen under the umbrella of their rightful and respective operators. In fact, due to the importance of IPs, the rights to use those resources are facing real danger as we risk turning into a communist world ruled by central governments distributing the rights to access the Internet.

Although IPs have been allocated to Resource Members, some Number Resource Government Bodies still reserve the absolute right to control and monitor the allocated resources through their monopolistic agreement - RSA (registration service agreement). This agreement has never been approved by the community. Instead, it has brought numerous unnecessary troubles to Resource Members, which exposes them to the risk of losing their entire cloud-based business.

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Therefore, the Number Resource Society was established...

To fight for the rights of Resource Owners who own unique rights to use those IPs in a cooperate Internet world.

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Consolidating the Freedom to Run Networks

Protecting networks and giving network-holders the complete liberty to align with compliance standards, set up the elements that ensure effective network activity and decide on standards and security for getting network information

Protecting Network Infrastructure and Customer Data


It is crucial to protect the concerned entity's IT infrastructure and safeguard customer data or confidential operations.


Protecting the Asset Value of IP Registration

As discussed, Number Resource Government Bodies could withdraw the assigned number resources anytime, and this can negatively impact a business. In fact, this procedure is carried out without proper compensation and regardless of the global commercial value of IP addresses. In that case, NRS's mission is to ensure that the asset value of Ips is maintained and duly protected.

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