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Updated: Aug 16, 2023

NRS partnered with Bioni on the 16th of Aug. 2022 to offer better internet training as part of our program. We aim at empowering our members with knowledge on an Internet that is free, transparent, fair, and stable for everyone around the world; with the whole meaning of everyone, despite their nationality, race, or religion.

The speakers for the day were renowned internet matters experts:

  • Chike Chike Chukwurah

  • Simon Emieje

  • Osunde Amenze Azuka

The discussion centered on:

  • IPv6 administration

  • Internet Governance

  • Cyber security

The attendance was swell and the interaction with our members was amazing.

We do not just train we share a meal and enhance the bond as the internet community working to ensure the internet is for all as it should be.

Our next training is on the 31st of Aug.

Learn about our future events here and how you can be part of it here

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