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Updated: Aug 21, 2023

On Tuesday, 27th Sept 2022, NRS in close collaboration with the Ministry of Posts and Telecommunications (MINPOSTEL), the Regulatory Agency for Telecommunications (ART), the National Agency for Communication Technologies Information and Communication (ANTIC), Cameroon Telecommunications (CAMTEL), Cameroon Postal Services (CAMPOST) and the National School of Posts, Telecommunications and ICT (SUP'PTIC) in Cameroon hosted our seventh event under the theme "SECURITY ISSUES ON INTERNET GOVERNANCE"

Where we discussed in detail:-

  • Leadership in the field of Internet governance, the most pressing Internet policy issues, and pressures of the modern era.

  • Showcased original, evidence-based research, on the architecture and governance of the Internet, which are politically engaged, globally focused, and accessible.

  • The development of new methodological tools and datasets to analyze and contribute to innovative approaches to internet governance.

  • Training the next generation of Internet governance leaders who will enter the world of politics, industry private sector, think tanks, and higher education with unparalleled expertise and knowledge in terms of internet policy.

  • Breaking down silos between stakeholders by engaging actively in and building a network of experts and various stakeholders in Internet governance.

  • Organizing events in Washington, DC, which will deal with pressing issues by bringing together leaders from industry, academia, think tanks, and government.

  • Engaging in curriculum innovation that helps to theorize the field of Internet governance, creates globally reproducible modules, and advances innovative methodological approaches that take into account both technological complexity and public interest.

And much much more.

Many thanks to all the attendees who drove the discussion and brought meaningful insight into Internet Governance and Internet policies in Africa and globally.

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