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How to Participate in NRS?

Every Netizen

As long as you are a netizen with the same goals and objectives, you are welcome to participate in this program.

We offer different levels of membership:

Membership: For FREE. You needn't bother with any requirements. All you need to do is agree to our Terms and Conditions on our website, provide a verifiable ID to have access to our events, discussions, etc.

Network Membership: for FREE. Just agree to the Terms and Conditions on our website, and act unanimously with NRS. You must use a corporate email domain (same as the one used in the Number Resource Government Body database). To be a network member of NRS, you must also have Internet number resources and Number Resource Government Body Membership.

For more details regarding the fee categories and the different membership benefits, you can refer to the tables below.

Network Member
Could become NRS Contributor
Could become NRS Contributor
Free to participate in all our events
Corporate Logo on Website
Free to join as individual
Monthly Community Update
Legal assistance in number resources related issues
Joining on behalf your Organization
Free to participate in all our events
Free to vote
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