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Discover a Thriving Online Community at NRS

Become part of an energetic and diverse online community where experts and enthusiasts converge to drive collaborative learning and innovation. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting out, our platform offers a dynamic space to stay connected, informed, and inspired.

Dive into the Future of Internet Governance

Join us in navigating the ever-changing landscape of internet governance. Enhance your understanding, expand your network, and embrace the future of the digital world with us.

Make Your Voice Heard

At NRS, we're committed to building a community where every member can actively participate, contribute, and influence internet policy and governance. In today's digital age, our community demands more—equity in information distribution and accessibility. Be a part of the change. Be a part of NRS.


Understand all facets of being a part of our organization. All details as to why and how to become a NRS Member.


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Internet Governance Training: 
NRS recognized the need for a collaborative and inclusive approach to address the challenges and opportunities that arise in the digital realm on matters internet Governance.

Our training aims to enhance participants' understanding and involvement.

Networking Platform:
We provide a space where participants can connect with experts, fellow learners, and industry professionals.

Thus, facilitating discussions, knowledge sharing, and collaboration, creating a vibrant community that fosters learning and growth in the field of internet governance.

Internet Resources & Business Protection:
Focus is on providing participants with access to valuable internet resources, tools, and best practices to ensure the secure and ethical operation of their businesses.

Topics may include digital rights management, intellectual property protection / ownership, and strategies for safeguarding sensitive information online.

Job And Internship Opportunities:
NRS actively seeks to bridge the gap between education and employment by regularly updating members on job and internship opportunities in the field of internet governance.

This may include partnerships with industry leaders, government agencies, and non-profit organizations to facilitate placements and career advancement.

Internet Policy Update:  
The Internet Policy Update component will provide regular briefings on the latest regulatory developments, legislative changes, and international agreements affecting the internet.

This ensures our members are well-informed and can adapt their strategies to comply with emerging legal frameworks.

Monthly Newsletter:
The Monthly Newsletter serves as a digest of the most relevant and significant updates within the realm of internet governance.

It includes summaries of key policy changes, highlights from the training program, and upcoming events or webinars.

The newsletter aims to keep the members engaged and informed on a regular basis.

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Membership and Mission


As an individual with similar interests to NRS, you can be part of the community for free.All you have to do is to read and accept our Terms and Conditions here, provide a verifiable ID and this will grant you access to our events, discussions and wider community.


We are a non-profit organization committed to instructing professionals in and about the area. We facilitate discussions and partnerships that open the door for the spread and development of ICT in the region and beyond.


As a global organization, we collaborate with the widest range of experts, groups, technologists, academics, and influencers who collectively ensure advancement in our sector while enhancing global standard of living.

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