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Every Member Matters,
Let's make

Number Resource Society (NRS) is acknowledged as a global non-profit membership organization advocating for a global unlimited, free, accountable and accessible internet for all.


NRS recognizes Internet as one universal resource that relies on a global free market and enterprise with excellent transparency and accountability, aiming to empower and protect resource members who have an interest in preserving

the integrity and stability of the internet, creating awareness, unity and possibilities.


NRS is here to work on bringing in more diversified Internet community, a community that allows every resource member to join, participate, and voice their interest in the internet policy making and internet governance. In this modern age and day, the internet community wants more, it wants equality in information distribution and accessibility.  


An Internet that doesn't know color, race, religion nor socio-economic class. NRS is to create an internet that believes in freedom and participation. an Internet where we are all the same and we all have an equal voice.

Diverse members


Back in the old days, IP Addresses were just identifying numbers and it used to be free. Later, Number Resource Government Bodies were established to distribute internet resources efficiently to different organizations worldwide


Therefore, the Number Resource Society was established...


To fight for the rights of Resource Owners who own unique rights to use those IPs in a cooperate Internet world.


NRS wants to make the internet policy discussions accessible for all community members, to turn difficult jargon into accessible knowledge.

NRS took it as a mission to educate people about those complicated internet policies, to make those policies simple enough for all people to understand it.

With this in mind, NRS's goal is to spread awareness, educate and train community members to be able to understand everything that is happening around them regarding the internet.

NRS is here to keep the current RIR leaders in check, and to demand higher accountability. We are here to make the long dream of many people come true, we are here to build an internet that is free, fair, accessible to everyone, and most importantly an Internet that is accountable.


Whether you're an End-user, a resource member or even the RIR leader himself, the internet is for all of us. The internet is for all people no matter their background, no matter their religion, economic or social state or nationality.


NRS will always have one mission, to work for a better and stable internet, an internet that is open and equal, with a nurturing and cooperative environment, supported by a bottom-up system where all community members take part in.

NRS will always be the real worrier of justice when it comes to any individual trying to corrupt the internet.


NRS, for the betterment of Internet.

We work together for a better Internet where everyone can participate in its development




Network members




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