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Role of GSG

The GSG is an advocate of internet justice, transparency, and accountability. Following NRS's mission, it promotes resource members' safe and secure business, as well as the stable and transparent internet experience of all end users.


The GSG acts as the channel of communication for Governments and Intergovernmental Organizations (IGOs) in the NRS's bottom-up approach, serving end users and resource members. The GSG also acts as an advisory member in the NRS's operation structure with it's main objective being to support NRS in all matters relating to public policy, with a keen focus on events and exchanges that happen between NRS's projects or protocols and governmental codes or universal corresponding.



As NRS, Why Do We Have A Government Stakeholder Group?


NRS is a global non-profit membership organization that advocates for transparency and accountability in the internet world. We strongly promote a fair and stable internet for everyone around the world, from resource members all the way to the end user. We believe in an Internet that is free and open for all, irrespective of geographical, racial, social and gender differences.


Governmental organizations are an important stakeholder when it comes to Internet Governance matters. Hence, the GSG was created to provide a platform to facilitate the communication between the public sector and other stakeholders of the Internet. Our common goal is to make the Internet better and accessible to all.


How Does NRS's GSG Work?


GSG acts as one of the many stakeholders in NRS. As a stakeholder, it can:


  • Act as an advisory to NRS

  • Invite local ISPs (Internet Service Providers) and end users to join NRS

  • Update NRS members regularly regarding changes in regulations and policies

  • Be informed about important internet governance policy changes and development

  • stay ahead and be part of global digital transformation

  • Coordinating and be part of NRS training event, conference and many other activities.

  • Voice in NRS aid to help facilitate local internet development


The GSG will also conduct regular meetings scheduled to take place alongside the planned events and seminars of NRS itself.


At the conclusion of each event, the GSG will offer suggestions and recommendations on how proceedings were conducted to NRS. These suggestions will be thoroughly reviewed and considered accordingly.


What Are The Benefits of A GSG Membership as member state? 


The internet number resource system is an important factor in the Internet's infrastructure for our worldwide digital economy. Governments and inter-governmental organizations (IGOs) that partake via the the NRS's Governmental Stakeholder Group will profit from the following:


  • National governments and inter-governmental organizations play a key role in the growth and expansion of GSG's guidance and recommendations. Therefore, members will be able to have face-to-face interactions with these governments and organizations as well as other GSG members through conferences and online forums.


  • A chance to give suggestions and recommendations to NRS regarding aspects of public policies concerning the Internet's number resources and Internet Governance in general.


  • Being an early supporter and contributor to NRS's policy development processes to guarantee transparency and alignment with laws and public interests.

  • Get in contact with field specialists within the GSG and across NRS, which permits GSG members to stay educated and updated on Internet Governance matters.



Join NRS's Governmental Stakeholder Group (GSG):




A member of the NRS's Governmental Stakeholder Group (GSG) is required to either be a national government, a multinational governmental organization, a state-owned national enterprise, or a public authority.


Members can nominate one key representative and a second representative to the GSG.


The first and second approved representatives are required to have a formal official position within the applying member’s public administration.


Please note here that 'Official' refers to any individual who:

  • Currently occupies a chosen governmental office or is hired by a corresponding government, a multinational governmental, a public authority, or a treaty organization.


  • Whose main objective with such government, authority or organization, is to grow or impact either public or governmental policies.



Written Communication In the Form of a Letter:


To become a member of NRS's GSG, you must meet the criteria for membership and provide the following:


  • A signed letter on an official letterhead, addressing the GSG Chair. You can find a sample below on this page.


  • The full name and contact details of the nominated GSG key representative. You can also inform the GSG leadership - in your letter - of your second representative, and any appointed consultants.


  • A Scanned electronic version of your letter, which you can send to the following email (



Please note that your membership request will be evaluated by the current GSG Chair and vice-chairs.


When your membership request is approved, the individual(s) assigned as representative will be added to the GSG e-mail, and will be granted access to our Members Only GSG website sections.


A GSG membership will facilitate and improve your impact in the Internet's number resources and Internet Governance in general. Take initiative today and send us a letter to become a a member of NRS's GSG, advise your IPS to do the same, and benefit from the great opportunities GSG and NRS offer.

How to Become a Member of GSG?


To become a member, please send an email to

Download this file to see details on how to become a GSG member.

GSG's Efforts:


GSG is constantly addressing a wide scope of public policy matters that affect the operation of the Internet. This effort may lead to harmonic and united recommendations for the NRS Board or public statement suggestions to the NRS community. Here on this page, we share insights and information related to such matters and events.  


NRS's Mission With GSG:


NRS is built upon a great reputation of accountability and transparency in every single one of its efforts and activities. The NRS truly takes these principles seriously and carries its mission with a clear message that advocates for accountability & transparency, and through its Governmental Stakeholder Group (GSG), NRS aims to improve its impact, and continue its journey towards a better, safer, and sustainable internet.

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NRS's mission with GSG
Role of GSG
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