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Frequently Asked Questions. (FAQ)

1. Our location

Casablanca, Morocco

2. About NRS

NRS is a global non-profit membership organization that campaigns, empowers and supports businesses to own the fundamental elements of their IP business.

3. How can i become a member?

Join the community and network with industry leaders across the globe, click here

4.  What are the benefits of being a member of NRS?

  • Internet Governance Training  

  • Networking Platform  

  • Internet Resources & Business Protection  

  • Job And Internship Opportunities  

  • Internet Policy Update 

  • Monthly Newsletter

Get more details on the benefits Here

5. What does NRS do?

NRS is here to spread awareness on IPs policies and help business owners know their rights to own their IPs.​

We also work on bringing in more diversified Internet community, a community that allows every resource member to join, participate, and voice their interest in the internet policy making and internet governance.

We want our members to be able to take back control of their businesses by truly owning their IPs.

6. What is the mission of NRS?

​To empower and protect our members with quality member services to ensure their interests are safe and secure as well as their rights protected. We want to empower our members to control the future of their businesses by truly owning their IP addresses.

7. How can supporters stay informed about the organization's work?

Through e-mails update, on our social media platforms, our website events page, our videos on YouTube, press releases and our training events globally.

8. Are there forums or communities for members to engage with each other.

NRS organizes training events, webinars from time to time in different countries that brings together a vibrant and diversified internet community.

9.  How can individuals contact NRS for inquiries or assistance?

For general inquiries email: -

For media inquiries e-mail: -

Talk to us on our social media platforms: -






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