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APNIC Election

APNIC, one of the world's five Regional Internet Registries (RIRs), is responsible for allocating and managing IP addresses and providing related services throughout the Asia-Pacific region. As a staunch supporter of digital globalization and of the maxim "One World, One Internet",


While NRS, Advocates for the same vision and goal, which is to make the internet Free, Accountable and Accessible for all people despite their background, we are endorsing some candidates, that we as NRS trust in their abilities and reputation to serve APNIC and its community with all their experience, knowledge and skills.


Wether It's Mr. Lu Heng, Larissa Santos, Vivien Paris, or Melvin Cheng, Number Resource Society endorse these nominees, as their work in the field of technology and internet governance around the world is remarkable. We're with no doubt that these nominees will do their absolute best towards making the Internet a better place as well as truly representing APNIC's community.  

The APNIC Executive Council (EC) serves as the governing board of APNIC, as defined in the APNIC By-laws.
The main functions of the EC are to act on behalf of APNIC Members while guiding the actions and decisions of the APNIC Secretariat. Meeting quarterly in person, the members of the EC establish the basis for the APNIC budget, consider broad Internet policy issues in order to ensure that APNIC’s policies and strategies respond to the constantly changing Internet environment, and ratify for implementation the decisions made at the Annual General Meetings (AGM).

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