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What we do

NRS is here to spread awareness on IPs policies and help business owners know their rights to own their IPs.

We also work on bringing in more diversified Internet community, a community that allows every resource member to join, participate, and voice their interest in the internet policy making and internet governance.


We want our members to be able to take back control of their businesses by truly owning their IPs.

Internet Resource & Business Protection

NRS protects its members by being the vanguard for registering the IP address of members of the Number Resource Government Body and everyone who has a shared interest in preserving the stability of the Internet. The Society’s fundamental interest is to protect the Internet’s stability, a fundamental foundation of social stability, by making sure the resource members' business and interests are safe and secure.

Networking Platforms

NRS gives its members a vast platform of various stakeholders, IT and some telecommunication companies that are Internet Resource members and whose goal is the same. By taking part in our meetings and events, our diverse members have the opportunity of networking, exchanging ideas and supporting each other.

Internet Governance Training

NRS organizes specialized training and courses to the resource members staff and university students to raise awareness on the importance of Internet Governance and the role it plays in the Internet sustainability. To secure a spot, all NRS members can apply for the courses and trainings available.

Jobs and Internship Opportunities

Thanks to our collaborations and partnerships with universities from different parts of the world, NRS has a large network of ambitious students and graduates. We provide our members with assistance to find the suitable interns or job candidates they are looking for, and the students an opportunity to learn more about the Internet through internships.

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