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The following are NRS' endorsed candidates who share the same vision of making the Internet a better place.

They have pledged to:

Restructure and cut unnecessary expenses costs, and in the process reduce membership fees by 30 percent.

Champion a positive working relationship with all governments in the region while firmly rejecting any governmental control or interference within RIRs.

Be the strong voice for your business, regardless of your size or location. By advocating for building a free market, we will ensure that all businesses are free to run unencumbered by reducing and removing bureaucracy, interference and red tape that may hinder growth and progress.

Make APNIC carbon neutral by 2030 by reducing travel and improving corporate efficiencies and investments.

Ensure the executive team of APNIC is held accountable to members through regular and proactive updates with fair and transparent scrutiny.

Host monthly open sessions with all members to collaborate, ask questions and hold us accountable for our oaths, duties and responsibilities. We ask all members of the EC to join us in this just venture.

Lu Heng

Lu Heng

Melvin Cheng


Vivian Paris


Larissa Santos

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