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IP addresses or number resources are crucial assets that allow every person in the world to access the Internet. These precious assets are managed and registered by Number Resource Government Body. These organizations can only act as bookkeepers and distributors of IP space, not regulators or owners.

NRS's role is to protect its members by being the vanguard for registering the IP address of members of the Number Resource Government Body and everyone who has a shared interest in preserving the stability of the Internet. The Society’s fundamental interest is to protect the Internet’s stability, a fundamental foundation of social stability, by making sure the resource members business and interests are safe and secure.


Unity in Diversity

NRS welcomes and believes in diversity, inclusiveness, and openness. We welcome different contributors and members to take part in our Number Resource Society.

Coding Station


IT, cloud, edge computing, Internet of Things, cybersecurity, privacy, connected applications, products, services, and solutions.

Satellite repair


Enterprises, global carriers, mobile, wireline, sub-sea cable, satellite, data centers, co-location, interconnections, equipment manufacturers, and more.

Financial Analyst


Theory, strategy, execution for commercial profitability, innovation, government, regulatory bodies, and the achievement of social goals.

We should unite our efforts to protect scarce and precious number resources, we have to gather our values, our will, and principles for the sake of defending our rights!

Come and Join Us Today!

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